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   Recycling In Montgomery County

Montgomery County provides once-a-week curbside recycling collection service to all residents of single-family and town homes, except for those in municipalities.  Place all recyclables at the curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling day.   Are you unsure about your recycling day?  Call 240-777-6410.


Glass Jars & Bottles


We accept:

All food and beverage jars and bottles made of clear, brown and green glass. Please rinse out, place these in your blue bin for collection. We accept both metal and plastic lids.


Sorry, we cannot accept:

No other glass or ceramic products, window glass, mirrors or broken glass.


Metal Cans


At our Recycling Center, all aluminum cans proceed through a flattener and a perforator.  These devices put the aluminum containers under pressure.  Material coming out of the containers under increased pressure could injure our sorters.  Additionally, both aluminum and steel cans are baled under pressure.  It is possible that aerosol cans could affect the balers.


We accept:

§   All metal food, beverage, and pet food cans.

§   Aluminum foil products. (examples: foil wrap, pie plates, and other food trays).  Please clean and wipe off foil.

§   Tins from cookies, fruit cakes, popcorn, and similar items.

§   Non-hazardous aerosol cans and caps

    * Examples: whipped topping, spray cooking oil, deodorant, hair spray, shaving cream


Sorry, we cannot accept:

-          Hazardous aerosol cans;

-          Any other container that held automotive products or hazardous materials.

-          Any container holding syringes or other sharps.


Plastic Bottles, Containers, Tubs and Lids


We accept:

§   bottles

§   containers, tubs and lids

§   pails and buckets

§   Tupperware™ or Rubbermaid™ -type durable plastic containers and lids                     

§   nursery and flower pots

§   beverage (stadium) cups

Please empty and rinse all containers, removing the tops and lids.


Sorry, we cannot accept:

§   Any plastic bottle or container that held automotive products or hazardous materials

§   Plastic wrap, bags, or film

§    non-bottle items made from resin #1 or Styrofoam™ products

§       * examples: plastic knives, forks, and spoons; 4-pack and 6-pack plant containers, plastic egg cartons, “clamshell” containers, packaging from small electronics and toys


Mixed Paper

Acceptable materials can be combined together and placed in paper bags and/or small cardboard boxes.  Please do not use yard trim bags for your recyclable paper!  When recycling collection crews see these at the curb, they will assume that they contain leaves, grass, or brush.


Flatten all empty boxes and put into bags, or tied bundles not larger than 3 feet wide and 3 feet long x 6 inches thick. You may use twine to bundle.  Shredded paper is fine.  Just secure it in a paper bag or box.  Plastic "windows" and staples in paper items are acceptable. You do not need to remove them.


We accept:

§       cardboard boxes

§       paper bags

§       cereal boxes, snack food and cookie boxes, shoe boxes, etc.

§       frozen food containers (frozen meals and vegetables)

§       paper ice cream containers and lids

§       juice and drink boxes

§       magazines and catalogs

§       milk and juice cartons

§       produce and fruit boxes

§       newspapers and inserts

§       white and colored office and printing paper

§       paperback and hardcover books

§       paper coffee and beverage cups

§       shredded paper

§       telephone books

§       unwanted mail (with or without windows)

§       wrapping paper

§       all other clean and dry paper


Sorry, we cannot accept:

§   packing material such as styrofoam or plastic

§   carbon paper

§   paper or cardboard contaminated with paint, chemicals, food, or kitty litter.

§   foil gift wrap

§   paper towels, napkins, or tissues

§   photographs/photographic paper

Need a new bin, or is your bin too small?

Your blue bin belongs to your current home.  While we'd prefer that you use your blue bin for recycling, we know that the bins also make great laundry baskets, toy holders, and even moving containers.   But, please leave your bin behind if you move to a new residence!  If your new home is bin-less when you arrive, order a new one on-line or call 240-777-6410.

Sometimes, one blue bin is just not enough for the recyclables you generate during the week.  If this occurs on a regular basis, you may want a second bin.  Alternately, the County now offers blue bins in several sizes.    A larger size may be the answer to your situation. 


For a larger bin, or to get a second one, order on-line or call 240-777-6410.  The bin will be delivered to your home in about one week.


If the overflow happens occasionally, use a box or reusable container for the extra items.  Label the box or container clearly with "Recycling," and make sure that your label faces the street so that the truck driver can see it.  Please don't use plastic bags for your extra recyclables.


The maximum weight for recycling containers is 45 pounds.


All materials collected at the curb are also accepted at the Shady Grove Transfer Station.  You may drop your excess materials off in the Public Unloading Area 7 days a week. (Use the Route 355 entrance.)  Note that this area is open only to automobiles and vehicles with multi-purpose tags.  Trucks must use the Shady Grove entrance, open Mon-Sat from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Please call Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services · Department of Public Works and Transportation, 101 Monroe Street, 6th Floor, Rockville, Maryland 20850 · 240-777-6400 ·